Dinner Menu

Charcuterie served with toasted Bread Gherkins

Rosette de Lyon – 8.5
Rillettes de Canard – 8.5
Jambon de bayonne – 8.5

Toasted Bread & Salted Butter  4V
Assiette de 3 fromages – 8V
Planche de Charcuterie – 18
Padron pepper – 5.5



SOUPE à l'oignon gratinée 7.5V
French onion soup
6 ESCARGOTS au beurre persillé, mouillettes 8.5
6 snails cooked in parsley butter
SOUFFLE au fromage a l'huile de truffe 9V
Double baked truffled cheese souffle
SALADE de chèvre frais, betteraves rouge 8V
Fresh goat cheese mousse, beetroots, crispy kale
Cuisse de GRENOUILLES en persillades 10
Frog legs
CROMESQUI de joue de boeuf 9 
Ox cheek croquettes 
CALAMARS a la provencale 8.5
Squid in provencal sauce 



MOULES marinières a la crème, frites maison  17
Marinières MUSSELS cooked in garlic, white whine and cream, french fries
ONGLET a l'echalote, frites maison,salade  18
Onglet steak, caramelized shallots, french fries, salad

Confit de CANARD, Ratatouille 18
Confit Duck leg, ratatouille
TARTARE de boeuf, frites maison, salade £18
Handcut raw beef Tartare, french fries, salad
PARMENTIER d'aubergine, semoule a la tomate et fromage de chevre, sauce vierge 16.5V
Grilled eggplants, tomato couscous, melted goat cheese


We have detailed allergen information available for all our dishes and drinks. Please ask a member of staff.
A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill.


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